Skeletons vs. Beasts by Lonnie and the Garden

I love this song! The colours and the music make me miss the summertime so much. It’s beautifully done, so organic and graceful.


A New Year, A New Beginning

Well, tomorrow is the big day! As you know, I’m currently completing a Master’s degree in Library and Information Science at Western University. An optional component of our program is the completion of one or two co-op work terms.

Right away, this option attracted me to the program. In today’s tight job market, I know that having experience and contacts in the field is essential to building a career. So, eagerly, in the second term of coursework I began applying for January-April co-op positions. I applied to 10 and had 10 interviews! The application process and the interviews in themselves were very useful. I now have a better idea of the skills I should develop to make myself as useful as possible. I will write a post about resumes, cover letters, and interviews later.

Tonight, I lie in bed anxious and excited for my co-op position at the Ontario Library Association in Toronto. I’m living away from my hometown for the first time in my life, and missing my partner and our cat, Fidel ‘Cat’stro. However, I am grateful and enthused about this chance to make an impact on an important literacy program, learn valuable skills, and meet some great fellow librarians and educators.

I am going to be planning, promoting and organize the OLA’s Forest of Reading!


This is Canada’s largest recreational reading program. It encourages school aged children and adults to read from a selection of books by Canadian authors and vote on their favourite. If you’re like me, you remember seeing Silver Birch, Blue Spruce, Red Maple, and White Pine awards¬†emblazoned on various book covers at the library growing up. Maybe you even had the chance to attend the annual Festival of Trees in Toronto.

I love the idea of this program because it not only encourages children to read, but it supports Canadian authors and illustrators, forming an essential and valuable network of librarians, teachers, students, authors, publishers, book sellers, and illustrators.

I am already brainstorming ideas (and looking for more) to promote this program. I am excited to hear about my responsibilities and tasks tomorrow, as well to get an inside look at all the planning a successful, province-wide literary program.

Though I will be outside London for the next 14 weeks, I hope to keep you up to date on the Forest of Reading, my co-op experience, and (probably) much more.