ECRR App List

Little eLit

As promised, here is a crowd-sourced list of librarian-tested apps that can be used to support early learning practices and parent-child engagement. Many thanks to the LittleeLit Think Tank for sharing their favourites!


Moo, Baa, La La La! – Sandra Boynton (Loud Crow) [and others by Boynton]
Go Away, Big Green Monster! (Night & Day Studios)
The Three Little Pigs (Nosy Crow)
Trucks – Byron Barton (Oceanhouse Media) [and others by Barton]
Goodnight Moon (Loud Crow)
Endless Reader (Originator)
Bird’s Words (Sesame Street –this one is great for locating environmental text–like a treasure hunt for words in the real world!)
Collins Big Cat: It Was a Cold, Dark Night (Harper Collins Publishers) [free] –the cool thing about this one is that you can read the story, then use the Story Creator to make your own stories using props and backgrounds from the original (plus a few extras). Caregivers…

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