Little White Rabbit: A Musical Storytime with Chris

This project was recorded, mixed, and edited using Logic and Garageband. The music and lyrics were written by myself and the talented Christopher Denise (who also lends his lovely voice to the track, as well as the guitar). You will also hear my modest vocal contributions (sorry about that!) and fiddle-playing!

This project came of a desire to recruit local musicians and artists to present a series of storytimes. I would love to use artistic talents to illustrate stories, hear musical adaptations of children’s classics, and to have local personalities like firefighters and mayors show-off their storytelling skills!

Source: Henkes, K. (2011). Little white rabbit. New York: Greenwillow Books.

A Guided Meditation: The Mindful Minutes Podcast

My Aunt works at a Women’s Shelter in Toronto. She has devoted over forty years to serving a diverse population of women, many of whom have faced more than their fair share of abuse, adversity, poverty, and mental health issues. One tool she has found to be consistently effective is meditation. This guided meditation is one of her favourites. Enjoy!

Source: Ferrucci, P. (1982). What we may be: Techniques for psychological and spiritual growth. Los Angeles: J.P. Tarcher.

The Oxford English Dictionary Online: A Tutorial

I’m a self-described word-nerd, known to have spent hours reading through interesting word entries on the Oxford English Dictionary Online. I love this resource! Not only is it fun, but super useful. I’m afraid that many people don’t know how to access it or use its features properly. That’s why I created this step-by-step introduction to the OED online and accessing it through Western Libraries.

Computer Lessons for Seniors

An example of using a logic model to plan a program designed to teach vital computer skills to senior citizens. Stay tuned for some awesome strategies for evaluation this program…

Of Mice and Men Unit Plan

A comprehensive unit plan on Of Mice and Men designed for grade 9 English students. Of Mice and Men has been taught widely in secondary schools for decades. While it is tempting to study only newer novels in the classroom, there is value to teaching this timeless story of friendship and isolation. The central themes in Of Mice and Men are still relevant to the adolescents today–and by incorporating digital literacies and popular culture in the unit, the unit can be gripping and meaningful for students.  Other benefits of teaching this text is that it contains rich vocabulary for instruction, and offers great critical literacy opportunities in its portrayal of women. Taught near the beginning of the secondary school experience, this unit is designed to provide foundational skills necessary for academic writing and communication.


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